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Reinhard Boelow


Having been in the Service Industry with Sears for over 30 years and with a large RV dealer in Eastern WA I have found that transition to Home Care with Seniors has been rewarding and satisfying .

I have tried to retire several times and find that I still need to engage with people and situations that come up on a day to day basis

When Jamie approached me about buying Apogee Home Care my first reaction was Why?   Why are they selling the company, and then I realized that I could again use my customer service skills in a new and different direction again.   I have come to enjoy my day to day interactions with client’s, client’s family and our family of caregivers.  I feel blessed everyday

I have three wonderful grown children.  They all live too far away for us to see them daily, but they have grown to be wonderful children.  I am looking forward to when we can take more time off so that we can travel to Reno NV.  Burbank WA and Vancouver WA.

So here we are today continuing to grow and develop the agency and excited I am about what the future looks like.


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