Medical Escort

When your loved one is no longer able to drive and requires transportation to an appointment in the middle of family work day we are here to help with our medical escort service.

Our staff take the approach to escorting as an adventure and make it an enjoyable experience.  Our staff are licensed, bonded and insured to drive their car. This also includes the client car.  They may escort a client on a transit bus with door to door service, taxi or even Uber.  Our staff are prepared to escort your loved one at doctor appointments ensuring that the information shared at the appointment is shared with the key people in the care of your loved one.

We believe that our staff respect the hard work that it takes for client to get from one destination to another.  They recognize the pitfalls of uneven surfaces, like one too many stairs, the fatigue and the importance of resting. 

We understand the risk of social isolation and feeling left out of family events.  We provide escort and transportation services to weddings, or family BBQ’s. Our caregivers are always appropriately dressed and fit into the scene. This maintains your loved one’s dignity.  They give essential help throughout the special day. Thus, minimizing the stress of family members that your loved one is cared for.