America is on the brink of an elderly boom and the magnitude will affect 1-8 people.  This group of people (your parents, your sibling, your aunts and uncles) are more likely to require assistance from an in-home care agency.  Older adults are working longer leaving them little time to be available to their aging parents.  Aging parents are looking to age in place in other words; live in their home as long as possible.  The rise of divorce in baby boomers contributed to other social issues including single-parent families and blended families that lead to weaker family relationships for caregiving and support.

Apogee Home Care is intended to provide your loved one with on-going support and service when you can not be there.  If your loved one is having difficulty getting dressed cooking meals, getting in and out of bed, staying clean or in need of help in the bathroom.  Apogee Home Care can assist with those challenges and your situation.

We provide qualified employees who have been authorized by state and federal background checks.  We cover the shift(s) so you are not left wondering who will.

We enjoy cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry mopping and dusting.  WE will run errands and escort your loved one to appointments.  We promote independence in all activity.

We honor the client and family who are facing terminal care.  Our compassionate caring caregivers are gentle confident and skilled in the many phases of a terminal client.  Our team walks with you through this process with the help of other medical professionals.