Home care

Our goal is to provide your loved one with the best in home care available.  We can provide non-medical assistance also referred to as personal care.  Our personally designed assistance focuses on key elements of activities of daily living such as preparing meals eating, bathing, and dressing. This is all done with highly skilled and experienced caregivers.  When considering home care services, people are concerned with independent caregivers and agency caregivers.  There is hidden cost to becoming an “employer” when you hire an independent caregiver. There are taxes, insurance (s), (L&I), bonding and increased liability to your home.  Scheduling caregiver (s) is often a challenge. Do you have back up care for the “call offs” that occur with private caregiving?  Apogee Home Care makes your life easier by providing emergency and back up care. Also, you have the flexibility to choose the right caregiver for your loved one.

Apogee Home Care provides families and loved ones the freedom from the headaches of scheduling and hiring. We insure that our caregivers provide your loved one with supervised care and their needs.  Apogee Home Care gives your loved one options in the delivery of independent and assisted care.  We take the challenges out of providing service to your loved one so that you can return to being a son or daughter. We give you the peace of mind that your loved one is in the best care possible, every day, for the rest of their lives.  That’s our vision, our passion and our desire for the client, as well as the family.  We serve the family.