The majority of dementia care persons are home dwelling.  We believe in a team approach, to help take care of the client, to give the family caregiver a break.  We will help meet the needs of both members of the family.  We have competent caregivers who not only meet the physical needs of our clients but the psychosocial needs.  We believe that if we can meet the varied activities of dementia clients the risk of them feeling socially isolated is reduced. We promote quality of life; through reminiscence music and exercise.  We want to be individually centered on the care of the client by promoting activity that gives the client satisfaction; including meal preparation, cleaning and assuming normal routines within the home.  Our staff are aware of the needs of our clients and offer them independence throughout the day to achieve client satisfaction.  It may take more work, more time but serving the individual needs is most important.

We believe in trusting relationships and continuity of care (the same caregiver) assists in the individual success of the caregiver and the client.  A simple shower can be a nightmare for a dementia client who does not know their caregiver.  Our caregiver could possibly recognize that showers are scary for a client and offer them a wash cloth; first in a step by step process to shower or perhaps today the geraniums getting a shower just maybe more important then the client getting the shower.  Our caregivers have the flexibility and the skill set to create an atmosphere where a shower for the geranium is just as important as a personal shower.   When those two skills come together it is magic, rewarding and everyone wins.